Jack Rabbit


8th June 2018

The YUECHAO Jack Rabbit, is as it says a rabbit vibrator. The toy includes the traditional clitoral stimulator shaped like a pair of bunny ears, and is also an insertable vibrator with 15 different settings! It appealed to me personally because of the multiple textures on the insertable part of the vibrator, but we will go into that in more detail later on.

The Rabbit comes in standard packaging, but good quality with a little window on the box for you to see the product through. It also came wrapped in bubble wrap, the actual toy itself and the box – it was with other toys but they were all discreetly packaged.  The packaging states it was made in China, and for £14.99 it isn’t a bad price really, for what it is. Compared to some other more expensive sex toys it is definitely good value for money.  I will admit though, the design on the box could be a bit less in your face. There is naked women on the packaging, so you would have to find another box to put it in – having said that though A LOT of their products do come with a little discreet bag that you can put the toy in and put away in a drawer etc. Despite that, the packaging doesn’t affect the workings of the toy itself, and the writing is clear and explains everything.

Okay, moving swiftly on to the toy itself. As I said before it is a traditional rabbit, an insertable and also including the clitoral stimulator shaped like rabbit ears. The Jack Rabbit has a total length of 10.5 inches with an insertable length of 5.5 inches. It is made from Jelly Rubber – I know there is a stigma around toys made from Jelly Rubber, however, using them with a condom and also storing them separately from your other toys, not sharing the toys and keeping on top of washing them regularly is said to be a safer way to use them. Which is great news! The toy comes in two colours; baby pink and purple, I opted for the purple one as I didn’t have any purple toys at the time haha.

The toy is very textured EVERYWHERE! It has a dotted texture at the base of the toy, progressing into a ribbed texture with a dotted risen ridge for the G spot too! I must say that it is a really good toy. Each individual added extra of this toy does actually make a difference, I also love that the clitoral stimulator is textured too, with a soft dotted surface – these little dots are gentle on the clitoris and are extremely pleasurable even on the lowest speed.

As an insertable toy, I think it is a nice size, it isn’t too thick for me personally. I don’t like big, bulky toys with massive bulbous heads. I like something quite slim and comfortable, something in a way to prepare me for the final delight (the fellas penis haha). The other half used it on me prior to us having sex, he said it was easy to hold and insert into me. He also said ‘you were doing back flips on the bed’ – so in fewer words, the toy will stay in place during explosive orgasms, which is what it did give me. The packaging states the toy has 10 rotation speeds – which is true it does. The rotation setting makes the head of the toy and the ribbed part of the insertable rotate clock wise and anti clock wise both with 5 different speeds. We tried it on the second highest speed which was more than efficient, but if you enjoy a higher speed there are 3 more than that to use.


It is also a clitoral toy as well, and I think if you just used it on your clitoris and not as an insertable as well. I think you would get a reasonable amount of pleasure from it, obviously depending on how much you enjoy clitoral stimulation. I have used other toys made for the same use in the past, like for example bullets. I have found these other toys to be far too rigid and stiff, and almost uncomfortable when using them to apply pressure – so this toy is a real breath of fresh air. The rabbit ears are quite squishy (jelly rubber which is more than safe for external use without protection), and as I said before they have a soft dotted surface which feels like an absolute dream! The Jack Rabbit offers 5 different vibration settings for the rabbit ears, each increasing and becoming more intense. The settings for the toy can be found on a touch pad as shown in the photo above, and are easy to work out after a bit of playing around.

All in all, I think this toy is a great start up vibrator if you want to try insertable and clitoral stimulation I would definitely recommend it. It is nicely priced and works like a dream, we bought cheap batteries for it, just to try it out and it still has life left in it from one use. I would advise putting a towel down, my partner and I didn’t anticipate how wet the bed would get haha.

Anyways, hope this review has covered everything! Please do follow the guidelines advised when using Jelly Rubber toys. The next toy I will be reviewing will be a silicone toy, but I will leave you guys guessing. Hope you enjoyed reading!!

Please note:
I have included a couple more product images at the bottom of this review for you guys!


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